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Ecover Washing-Up Liquid

Following on from the Outdoors Show we’ve still got some products to review and the next is the Ecover Washing-Up Liquid. We grabbed two sample bottles to have a look later on and we’ve been pleasantly surprised.  As per the name, Ecover Washing-Up Liquid is a eco friendly product which allows you to wash up in the wild without having to worry about the waste.

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid

The product is made from plant ingredients to give it’s smell, it’s kind to your skin and leaves behind not chemicals. What is left behind is biodegradability, this means it doesn’t affect any plant life and also can be used to clean a septic tank. I’m guessing it would be also great for cleaning out fish tanks.

The eco friendliness then continues in the bottle, made out of polyethylene; cap of polypropylene and polyethylene both are 100% recyclable. Larger bottlers are great for the home but we’ll felt these little sample bottles of 100ml were great for a short camping trip.

As well as washing up liquid Ecover also make cleaners, car wash liquid, shower gel etc … all eco friendly.  Head over to the great ecover section at ethical superstore for more information and to buy.

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Look What We Found – Food Packets

look what we foundAt the 2010 Outdoors Show one of the stalls with lots of attention was the Look What We Found stall. It was a small stand but every time I passed was packed with people taking samples. Look What We Found make cooked food in packed, not like super noodles or quick pasta but really hearty food.

So why promote at the Outdoors Show? The packets require no refrigeration which means they keep in your bag for days. There a 12 month shelf life from the day the food is made, so if your on a long trip you’ll be able to take plenty of packs.

The food is contained in a foil bag which means it’s clean and quick to open, no need for a can opener. To cook you can boil the bag or place the contents into a pan to cook. This means your cutting down carrying a can opener and time to prepare. The content is pre-cooked already so all you’re doing is warming up and no need to worry about eating uncooked meat.

In total there are 35 options, which include full means, soups and sauces. Full meals include:

  • Fellside Beef Chilli Con Carne
  • Fellside Beef Casserole
  • Herdwick Mutton Stew
  • Traditional Pork & Herb Sausage Casserole

There are also smaller snack pots with the same flavors.

What really impressed me was the wide range of uses, there is camping but also having as a meal at work, at night, for students, for people unable to cook. We were lucky enough to sample the pork and herb sausage casserole which was delicious.

Prices range from £1.99 t0 £2.99. There’s discount for buying in large quantities. I would fully suggest buying one pack to sample then going back for more.

For more information head over to

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Live from the Outdoors Show 2010

I’ve managed to find a connection and a place to sit down at the NEC in Birmingham for a quick blog live from the Outdoors Show 2010. It was really busy getting into the show this morning with queuing traffic on the M42, the show was filling up by the time we entered at 10.

We managed to catch some of Ben Fogel and James Cracknell’s talk at the main stage and also a fashion show later one which included a free for all goodie give away, photos later tomorrow!

There was plently of stalls to look at, the slack lining stand had a lot of attention as did the climbing competition section as two climbers went head to head.

Anyway, time to look around more with an update later!

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5 Must Do’s at the 2010 Outdoors Show

James Cracknell
Image by Shiny Sixpence via Flickr

Today was the first day of the 2010 Outdoors Show at the NEC Birmingham. The show lasts for 3 days and we’ll be going down tomorrow. There’s lots to do at the event here’s my top 5 must do’s at the show.

  1. Explore the tent city
    The Yeoman’s tent city  is a massive area with the latest tents all set up. It’s a great way to see tents and judge sizes rather than reading descriptions online.
  2. Wilderness Camp
    The Wilderness Camp is hosted by the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine, it’s a great place to pick up some practical tips you can use on your next adventure. There are four areas, Desert, Arctic, Woodland and the Wilderness stage.
  3. Climbing walls
    There’s a few different climbing walls at this years event, last year 5 in total. You won’t need any gear but come in some comfortable clothing and for the girls… no skirts.
  4. Ben Fogle & James Cracknell talk
    If you caught the TV show about Ben Fogle’s and James Cracknell’s arctic trek then you’ll want to attend one of the two talks on Saturday. The afternoon show is sold out but there is space for the morning talk.
  5. Zip Wire
    Last but not least the Zip Wire takes you from one side of the hall to the other. Head over to the Cumbria Tourism stand to start your decent.

If you heading down to the NEC in Birmingham this weekend make sure you attend / attempt / see some of the above!

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Outdoor Enthusiasts to go to The Outdoors Show 2010

British television presenter Ben Fogle at BBC ...
Image via Wikipedia

This weekend we’ll be heading down from Manchester to the Birmingham NEC for the The Outdoors Show 2010. The show is a mix of exhibitions, stalls, information stands and talks. This years speakers include Joe Simpson, Leo Houlding, Kate Humble, Simon King OBE, Doug Scott CBE, James Cracknell and Ben Fogle.

There’s also a chance to get active with a surf emulator, climbing wall, ice wall and a zip line. There’s a tent city, wilderness section and a fashion walk. You can also buy products from any of the 100’s of exhibitors. They’ll also be showing off their latest products some not even in the shops yet.

We’ll be heading down on the Saturday, the event lasts from Friday to Saturday with the main speakers on the Saturday. We’ll be reporting live via our twitter account @outdoorenthusia and then reviews on our blog on Sunday and the following week.

If you fancy still going you can still get tickets but some of the speaking events are sold out for seating. Head over to to the Outdoors Show website for ticket information.