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Titanium Spork

Titanium spork
Image by eliza evans via Flickr

Following on from the post the other day about the spork we’ve since come across the titanium spork. Being made out of titanium the spork is a lot stronger but more importantly can be used for cooking. As a normal spork made out of plastic it will melt well learning on a pan, where as titanium won’t conduct the heat.

It’s a little more expensive that an plastic spork but will last longer and keep it’s shape.

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What is a Spork?

it's a fork - no it's a knife - wait it's a sp...
Image by icyFrance via Flickr

What is a Spork? Well it’s half way between a spoon and a fork. There are two versions of the spork, one that have a fork / spoon on one end and another version that has a fork at one end and a fork at the other.

The spork has proved to be a very popular product for campers as it allows you to pack one item that has two purposes. If you going camping or traveling it’s essential to carry as little as possible, so if you can get an item that has multi purposes it’s a winner. Made out of plastic it’s great for soup, beans, noodles which are your top camping means (check out top ten camping meals blog post).

So if you’re going away look out for the Spork it’s a great item to have that will save you some space!