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Solar Power Camera Strap

Here’s a cool idea from designer Weng Jie. It’s a camera strap with built in solar panels to generate charge for your camera. We’ve already seen many back packs include solar panels to charge phones. The strap is a concept at the moment but with the right wire could plug straight into your camera charges as you walk along.

Solar Powered Camera Strap

It’s certainly a product that could work, it would save you having to carry around spare batteries and you’ll be more willing to take more pictures, not having to be concerned with battery life.

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Solar-powered camping products

I can’t remember the last time when I got through a day without using any electricity. In this day and age, we have become so reliant on electricity as a source of power that without it, the world would probably fall into turmoil.

A weekend away camping can be the perfect reminder of how much we rely on electricity (that’s if you decide to pitch up without any electrical hook ups). For many, it is duly missed.

However, many manufacturers have turned their hand to creating innovative products which are powered by renewable energy. And one of the most popular sources of energy for such products is the sun.

Some of the most innovative solar-powered camping products around include the Orange Solar Concept Tent, a solar-powered tent which even has – wait for it – WIFI internet! The tent is made from a photovoltaic fabric which converts solar energy to power gadgets that are stored in a magnetic induction pouch inside the tent. The power is also used to charge a flexible LCD screen with wireless internet.

Another innovative feature of the tent includes the under floor heating system. Yes, that’s right, you’ve read it correctly! The groundsheet of the tent incorporates an internal heating system which is activated once the temperature inside the tent falls below a certain level.

There are also many solar-powered rucksacks on the market which can power small handheld electronic devices such as iPods or mobile phones – useful for when you are up in the hills for a long duration. Other solar-powered camping products include solar-powered radio’s and solar-powered lights.