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MusucBag: sleeping bag with arms and legs

The MusucBag is the new line of sleeping bags by Rodrigo Alonso, the designer of the Selk Bag which was featured on The Apprentice last year. Similar to the Selk Bag, the MusucBag has incorporated arms and legs to allow for extra mobility, making it a much more practical option compared with standard sleeping bags.

According to the company, MusucBag “has been reborn and improved in all areas including high quality materials and practical features”.

There are zips around the hand area so that your hands can come out of the sleeping allowing you to hold things while zips on the leg area provide ventilation to cool you down. There is also durable canvas on the feet so you walk around comfortably.

There is also a line for children, called MusucBag Kids. These sleeping bags have all the above features with the addition of a pocket for an MP3 player.

With a funky design, the MusucBag sleeping bags are bound to be a hit for festival goers.

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Down or synthetic sleeping bags?

There are a number of decisions to make when choosing a sleeping bag but the most important decision is probably choosing the type of insulation. There are usually two options: down filled sleeping bags or synthetic filled sleeping bags. They both have their own advantages.

Down sleeping bags
The down fill is usually either goose down, eider down or duck down. While down sleeping bags are more expensive than synthetic sleeping bags, they may be worth the investment as they usually outlast synthetic sleeping bags if looked after correctly. Down is a natural material and a great insulator. It also has good moisture wicking properties making down sleeping bags more comfortable than synthetic sleeping bags in warmer conditions. On the down side (get it?), if a down sleeping bag gets wet, then you might as well be sleeping without a sleeping bag. Down sleeping bags do not retain their insulation properties if they are wet. But, if you can keep the bag dry, then it might be worth investing in a down sleeping bag.

Synthetic sleeping bags
Synthetic sleeping bags are bulkier and heavier than down sleeping bags, however, they do retain their insulation properties in the event that they get wet. So, if there is a possibility that your sleeping bag may get wet then a synthetic sleeping bag could be the better option!

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Fancy getting paid to sleep?

If getting paid to sleep sounds appealing then take a look at a job advertisement by Halfords. The company has announced that it is looking for a sleeping bag tester. As part of the role, he or she will test a range of Halfords sleeping bags taking into account the product’s warmth, strength and longevity, ahead of the summer camping season and the abundant music festivals.

For £10 an hour, the successful applicant will camp under canvas for five days and provide feedback on the sleeping bag and their sleeping experience. Halfords will pay a minimum of £600 for the week’s work. Results of the tests will be available via Halfords website to help its staff advise customers on suitable products.

Although the company has confirmed that previous experience is not necessary, there are a few pre-requisites for the sleeping bag tester. The successful applicant will have to “demonstrate an interest in camping and outdoors leisure activities” and be willing to sleep under a canvas.

Halfords outdoor leisure expert Oliver Pinders added that “we’re looking for someone with an eye for detail, who can differentiate between the various products being tested. The testing only works if the successful candidate is able to articulate his or her findings.”

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Berghaus and Blacks launch new range of tents and sleeping bags

Berghaus and Blacks Leisure Group have teamed up to launch a new collection of tents and sleeping bags.

The collection comprises five tents and three sleeping bags, namely:

  • the 2 man Snowdonia 2.1 tunnel tent which is ideal for multi-day backpacking trips;
  • the 6 man Torridon 6.2 family tent;
  • the 2 man Peak 2.1 dome tent;
  • the 3 man Lomond 3.1 tunnel tent;
  • the 4 man Cuillin family tent;
  • the Berghaus Flame 600 three season down sleeping bag;
  • the Berghaus Flare 1600 four season synthetic sleeping bag; and
  • the one to two season Flare 850 synthetic sleeping bag

The collection will be available in Blacks and Millets outlets from early June.

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Rab Sleeping Bag Video

Rab have produced a really useful video on their sleeping bags range. With a new range of sleeping bags out for 2010 the video explains the new bags, the technology and the design behind the bags.

It’s great to see the manufactures engaging with customers in new ways rather than still using old methods such as brochures and product descriptions.

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The Inflatable Sleeping Coat

We’ve seen a few crazy sleeping bags since the site started and here’s another one, The Inflatable Sleeping Coat. The hybrid product is the idea of designer Lin Tsui-Wei who set out to design an all-in-one solution.

The coat is waterproof and warm enough to sleep in, it then inflates to become a mattress.

The feet are covered by a drop down skirt for night time. One little problem is the mattress element requires air capsuals to inflate, so if you run out you’ll have to blow it up.