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Buying Second Hand Tents

If your strapped for cash but want to go camping an option to save a few quid maybe to get a second hand tent. There’s a few risks but you can come out with some great deals. Here’s a few tips and places to start looking

Condition – The most important point to take into consideration is condition, if you buy a second hand tent that’s not been looked after your not going to be best pleased. Before you buy ask the seller how many times it’s been used, any missing bits, tears, burn marks, washed after usage or broken parts.

If there are problem look at replacements or patches and ask for a further discount. It can be hard to detect any problems unless you get the tent up and get inside.

Usage – crazy as it may seem there are plenty of people that buys tents and never use them . So you may be able to pick up a mint condition tent for a discount.

Postage – Buying from a individual means they don’t have cheap postage like a business. For the average tent your looking at paying £10 plus on top for postage. Rather than paying for postage look for a seller in your area, sites like gumtree and eBay give details of where the seller is located, you can then pick up the tent.

Pictures – If possible you should get pictures of the actual tent beig sold. You can check the quality and also ensure that it matches up to the product name.

Compare – Check what the currrent price for buying new it. Many tens can vastly reduce in value after a year once a new ranges is released. For example the Eurohike Buckingham 8 Man Tent has been reduced from £399 to £118. This is often seen at stores like Blacks or Millets as the new product ranges are introduced.


Here are some sites to look over to find second hand tents

UK Campsite