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Mystery Walkers Needed

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If you like walking and fancy a bit of mystery in your life then you might want to sign up for the “Mystery Walkers” scheme. The ramblers are looking for people to report back on the state and condition of footpaths.

The aim is to generate a map of the best and worst walks across the country. It then rewards authorities who have looked after footpaths. After a walk all you need to do is report back via a online survey.

Anastasia French, Ramblers Campaigns Officer, explained :

“Mystery Walkers will help us to get a clear picture of the state of footpaths across the length and breadth of England and Wales.

“This information will help us to work with councils to improve the footpath network so that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from walking, wherever they are.

“Volunteering has never been more pleasant, just by going for a short local walk you can help to play your part to protect the future of our footpaths.”

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