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Piranha to be Introduced to Lake Windermere

Piranhas - In the Steinhart Aquarium

Image by H G M via Flickr

Local authorities at Lake Windermere have announced that over the summer months Piranha will be introduced into the lake with a view to reducing the levels of perch.

Perch levels in the river have hit an all time high over the winter months and have started to feed on smaller insects, fish and plant life. This unbalancing of the ecosystem has forced the authorities to look into ways of reducing the levels of perch.

Apirl Jones from the local authority commented “Levels of perch are too high at the moment and following consultation with marine biologists we have decided that Piranah will be brought in to reduce the levels of perch”.

The Piranah will be penned off to start with so they can adapt to the water levels in the lake.


EDIT: Check the date !!! 🙂

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