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Newly designed Polar Bottles have better “squeezability”

Product Architects has modified the design of its patented Polar Bottles so that they are lighter, brighter and easier to squeeze.

The Polar Bottles feature an insulating layer between two walls of plastic. This construction is key to providing the bottles with the ability to keep liquids cooler for longer. Indeed, the bottles are said to be able to to keep liquids cool twice as long as regular water bottles.

As part of the modification process, the company made changes to the bottle’s grip shape and thinned the two walls so that the inner plastic layer is now 13% thinner and the outer layer is reduced by 15%. These changes, the company claims, make the bottles easier to grab and squeeze – an important feature for people navigating the road or trail and wanting to reach for a quick sip.

Production of the older and thicker design has now been discontinued.