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Fancy getting paid to sleep?

If getting paid to sleep sounds appealing then take a look at a job advertisement by Halfords. The company has announced that it is looking for a sleeping bag tester. As part of the role, he or she will test a range of Halfords sleeping bags taking into account the product’s warmth, strength and longevity, ahead of the summer camping season and the abundant music festivals.

For £10 an hour, the successful applicant will camp under canvas for five days and provide feedback on the sleeping bag and their sleeping experience. Halfords will pay a minimum of £600 for the week’s work. Results of the tests will be available via Halfords website to help its staff advise customers on suitable products.

Although the company has confirmed that previous experience is not necessary, there are a few pre-requisites for the sleeping bag tester. The successful applicant will have to “demonstrate an interest in camping and outdoors leisure activities” and be willing to sleep under a canvas.

Halfords outdoor leisure expert Oliver Pinders added that “we’re looking for someone with an eye for detail, who can differentiate between the various products being tested. The testing only works if the successful candidate is able to articulate his or her findings.”