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Glastonbury Punters Take It Home

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One of the big problems festival organisers have the deal with is the waste from the festival. Not the cups, cans, food wrappers but the camping equipment and tents left behind. Many festival sites have parking a good hours walk away so many leave chairs, tents, sleeping bags and mats which saves them being carried back to the car. With prices of mats and chairs below a a fiver it’s not a massive surprise that people discard the equipment.

Glastonbury is know for it’s green efforts and this years “Taking It Home” campaign seemed to make a difference when many festival goers packs up all their belongings. On the Monday although we left around 9am with plenty of tent still in sight there was a noticeable difference.

This was confirmed by Lucy the Green Initiatives Co-ordinator from Glastonbury  who posted on the official site a thank you message.

A big thank you to everyone who packed up all their camping equipment and took it home, and for putting all their rubbish into bin bags.

It made such a huge difference looking across the farm after the Festival and not seeing nearly as many abandoned tents, roll mats, sleeping bags, chairs etc. It still wasn’t perfect, but it was a LOT better than last year.

Thanks to everyone for ‘TAKING IT HOME’ – and let’s work towards doing even better next year!

The festival has still some way to go with the main problem on site being people going to the toilet in bushes (men) and in the camping areas recycling not being conducted. Overall a great improvement on last year.