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Cruzin Cooler: a cool box on wheels

Cruzin Cooler
Image by Capt Kodak via Flickr

The Cruzin Cooler is basically a cool box on wheels. Cool boxes are one of the best selling camping accessories, especially for festivals. They keep your food cold but, more importantly, they keep your beers cool.

The Cruzin Cooler has been designed so that you don’t need to carry the cool box. You simply sit on the box and use the controls to get around which means that you don’t even have to walk let alone carry the thing! Its speed reaches up to 13 mph and has a 24+ can capacity.

I think this is an innovative idea but is it really necessary? Yes, it would be handy for festivals as it would save you from carrying your beers along with the rest of your festival kit, but personally, I think its probably a bit unnecessary (and designed for lazy people).

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Look What We Found – Food Packets

look what we foundAt the 2010 Outdoors Show one of the stalls with lots of attention was the Look What We Found stall. It was a small stand but every time I passed was packed with people taking samples. Look What We Found make cooked food in packed, not like super noodles or quick pasta but really hearty food.

So why promote at the Outdoors Show? The packets require no refrigeration which means they keep in your bag for days. There a 12 month shelf life from the day the food is made, so if your on a long trip you’ll be able to take plenty of packs.

The food is contained in a foil bag which means it’s clean and quick to open, no need for a can opener. To cook you can boil the bag or place the contents into a pan to cook. This means your cutting down carrying a can opener and time to prepare. The content is pre-cooked already so all you’re doing is warming up and no need to worry about eating uncooked meat.

In total there are 35 options, which include full means, soups and sauces. Full meals include:

  • Fellside Beef Chilli Con Carne
  • Fellside Beef Casserole
  • Herdwick Mutton Stew
  • Traditional Pork & Herb Sausage Casserole

There are also smaller snack pots with the same flavors.

What really impressed me was the wide range of uses, there is camping but also having as a meal at work, at night, for students, for people unable to cook. We were lucky enough to sample the pork and herb sausage casserole which was delicious.

Prices range from £1.99 t0 £2.99. There’s discount for buying in large quantities. I would fully suggest buying one pack to sample then going back for more.

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