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Bank Holiday Camping?

So it’s the last Bank Holiday of the year in the UK and it’s a mixed weather report for those who are planning on camping. At the moment the weather on Friday and Saturday isn’t great, however Sunday and Monday could be a little brighter.

So those planning on the quick getaway may want to delay a little as the weather won’t be great on the Friday and stay a little longer on the Monday evening.

Remember any bank holiday in the UK will see campsite increase prices a little and get booked up. Book before hand if possible even it’s just ringing ahead and have one or two alternative locations just incase.

What ever happens have a good one and enjoy the last bank holiday of the year!

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Camping Pod Death – Tragic Accident

We’re big fans of camping pods after spending a weekend at Grizedale Camping ground, however a coroner ruled that a “tragic accident” happened back in March when a man died in a pod.

Christopher Bainbridge, 45, from Darlington was staying at The Quiet Site Caravan Park in Ullswater, Cumbria. He died when a barbecue filled the pod up with carbon monoxide causing Mr Bainbridge to be poisoned.

Three days later his wife Jane Bainbridge, 42, was found in the pod by staff at the campsite suffering the effects of the poisoning. His death was recording a verdict of accidental death.

Julia at the camping pod we stayed at

If your going to staying in a camping pod don’t be temped to star a fire in the pod, ensure any fires or use of camping stoves are outside the pod.

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95p camping deal is back

The Mirror’s 95p camping deal is back. After a successful promotion earlier this year in March, The Mirror has today decided to launch the same deal which offers readers the opportunity to go camping for 96p a night at selected campsites in the UK.

Simply collect the vouchers which will be printed every day in the Daily Mirror until August 11. Each voucher entitles you to one night at a campsite (basic pitch only) for the total price of 95p.

The list of campsites participating in the promotion will be listed in a pullout in today’s Daily Mirror. Stays are only valid between September 1 and November 30of this year while the maximum stay is 7 nights (with 7 different numbered voucher that is) making the price of the total stay £6.65 – what a bargain!

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A 1lb 1oz tent by Terra Nova Equipment

Terra Nova Equipment has developed the world’s “lightest 1 person, double wall tent”, weighing in at just 1lb and 1 ounce taking into account th emain poles, flysheet and inner. The tent is called Laser Ultra 1 and will be part of the company’s 2011 range.

The tent offers plenty of space, an incredibly small pack size and multiple ventilation options. Its structure is said to be able to stand up to poor weather conditions, making it perfect for ultra light backpacking.

The company offers a number of other lightweight products including the new Laser Photon 2, a two person double wall tent weighing 1lb 15oz.

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April: competition round up

Right, here are a few competitions we’ve found this month for you outdoor enthusiasts.

1. A Hi Gear Corado 4 tent worth £279.99

2, Win a family camping set worh over £250. The full set comprises a Hi Gear Caplan 5 family tent, Hi Gear Camper sleeping bags and Hi Gear Single Airbeds. This competition closes tomorrow so be quick!

3. A Deuter rucksack

4. A photography tour in the Lake District. This tour will be led by Charlie Waite, the founder of Light & Land, and will take place in November 2010.

5. An Easy Camp Star 200 tent

Good luck everyone!

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Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Public Consultation

We blogged back in March about the problems in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park with anti social behaviour.

Now the authority has opened a public consultation looking at proposals to restrict camping at Loch Lomond eastern shore. Local residents and campers have until May 3rd to make their respond. So far the authority has had over 250 responses about the issue.

We’ll keep on following the story…

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Backpackers Lightweight Equipment and Camping Exhibition

The Backpackers Lightweight Equipment and Camping Exhibition has relocated this year, from Ashford-in-the-Water to Bath. The event, which is organised by the Backpackers Club, is being held at the Bath Racecourse on April 24th.

There will be various backpacks and lightweight camping equipment on display within the racecourse facilities. Outside, there will be a showcase of tents pitched up.

With free admission, its definitely worth stopping by if you’re in the area.

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BioLite: an electricity generating camping stove

Originally developed for use in the developing world, BioLite is a portable low emission, wood burning cooking stove which converts heat from the fire into electricity to power small gadgets. Its dual function is perfect for campers and hikers who can’t bear to be apart from their beloved gadgets. On a more practical level, it is ideal for longer camping trips or for travellers going to remote areas around the world.

The stove can be fired up by burning biomass fuels such as wood and pine cones which should be available in abundance in camping areas. A thermoelectric generator is activated by the excess heat generated from the fire which spins a fan which provides oxygen to keep the fire going. It is also key to generating electricity. No petroleum or batteries are required saving you some space in your backpack as you won’t need to carry fuel around but, more importantly, the stove offers an eco-friendly way of cooking outdoors. The electricity generated can be stored and gadgets can be plugged into a USB port in the side of the unit to power them up.

The stove is said to be able to boil a pan of water faster than traditional camping stoves. According to BioLite, the stove cuts wood consumption in half, reduces smoke emissions by 95% and nearly eliminates black carbon.

As well as being efficient, the stove is light in weight, at just 10 ounces, making it perfect for backpackers.

The stove is expected to launch in the US and will retail around $80.

A demonstration of how the BioLite stove works can be seen in the video below.

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3 luxury items for comfortable camping

For those who don’t like to rough it up but don’t want to go glamping either, here’s three items to consider to make your camping trip that little bit more comfortable.

1. Pocket shower – Powered by the sun, the pocket shower can be folded up into a little pocket-sized black bag. It can be filled with up to 10 litres of water and hung on a tree. The black material absorbs the sunlight and, in turn, heats up the water inside the bag. Then just stand under the bag and turn the tap on for a warm shower. This is perfect for those out in the wilderness or travellers in warmer climates.

2. Portable toilet – For those who are portaloo shy or just not keen on using public toilets, try taking a portable toilet with you. Portable toilets are especially welcome at festivals where the only option is to use smelly portaloos that have been used by thousands of other people in a short space of time. It also saves you from walking in the dark if you need to go in the middle of the night.

3. Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter – Drinking water is available at pretty much all campsites but if you want free drinking water at festivals, then expect a queue and sometimes even a bit of a walk. The Katadyn base camp water filter is a gravity feed filter system. You can fill the bag up with water and then hang it up. Gravity helps to feed the water through the filter media into a water container.

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5 space saving tips for camping trips

We all know how much of a nightmare it is when we have too much stuff and too little space to fit it all in. So here’s 5 tips to consider when packing for a camping trip.

1. Take silicone plates and bowls. Bowls are of an odd shape and can take up a lot of space, especially if you do not utilise the space within the bowl shape. Silicone plates and bowls are “squishy” and can be squashed so that they take up minimum space.

2. Take sporks and knorks instead of three separate spoons, forks and knives. As well as minimising space when packing, it also reduces the amount of washing up you have to do after a meal. Bonus!

3. Take food which is packaged in packets rather than tins. Not only does tinned food take up a lot of space but they are also extremely heavy. For example, take cup-a-soups instead of tinned soups. You can even get some wholesome meals in packets, such as the Look What We Found range of ready meals, which include a sausage casserole and a mutton stew. The meals come in a foil bag and can be prepared by boiling the packet in a water, which also means that you do not need to bring a can opener. One less item!

4. Plan ahead. Create a check list so that you remember to bring all the essentials. Then decide on items which you can perhaps buy when you get to your destination. Most campsites are surrounded by farms so buying items such as eggs and milk is relatively easy. This can also save you some space.

5. Roll clothes when packing. It seems strange but rolling T-shirts and trousers instead of folding them neatly actually saves a lot of space as the items are more compact.