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Camping Pod Death – Tragic Accident

We’re big fans of camping pods after spending a weekend at Grizedale Camping ground, however a coroner ruled that a “tragic accident” happened back in March when a man died in a pod.

Christopher Bainbridge, 45, from Darlington was staying at The Quiet Site Caravan Park in Ullswater, Cumbria. He died when a barbecue filled the pod up with carbon monoxide causing Mr Bainbridge to be poisoned.

Three days later his wife Jane Bainbridge, 42, was found in the pod by staff at the campsite suffering the effects of the poisoning. His death was recording a verdict of accidental death.

Julia at the camping pod we stayed at

If your going to staying in a camping pod don’t be temped to star a fire in the pod, ensure any fires or use of camping stoves are outside the pod.