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Keep “snuggie” in the winter

snuggie 3-way
Image by the queen of subtle via Flickr

Its now coming towards the winter months and the temperature is dropping. Those of you who are braving the outdoors in the colder months need to remember to pack extra layers.

The “snuggie”, which isĀ  a thin blanket with sleeves, is perfect for the colder evenings. The sleeves are large and enable the wearer to continue to use their hands without having to worry about the blanket around them falling off and being exposed to the cold – perfect for cooking your evening meal .

Another version of the snuggie is the slanket. The slanket is available in sizes for kids and adults. They also offer a siamese slanketĀ  – perfect for wrapping and snuggling up with a loved one in the colder evenings. Cosy!