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Cooking Equipment for Backpacking

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We had an email recently from a reader about taking cooking equipment for backpacking in Europe. After a little research here are some tips and ideas.


Lightweight equipment is key, plastic plates and cups help, including foldable ones such as Orikaso Solo Set. Take a small burner that runs off liquid or gas, take a spork which is a spoon and a fork all in one. For a sharp knife use a pen knife, you should have one if your kit already.


Your bag will take some bashing, from dropping on the floor after a long walk, being thrown about by baggage handlers so your equipment needs to be tough to take the punishment. Packing items in clothes and towels can help to protect but if your equipment is tough you need to worry where it’s placed in your backpack. There’s a middle ground between weight and toughness, often the lighter the product the more likely it is to break. A happy medium seems to be titanium plates, sforks and pans, which maintain toughness but won’t weigh you down.


You’ll need to wash your kit, take a small bottle of washing up liquid (check out the ecover washing up liquid) and some sort of sloth / scrubbing brush. If your outside they should dry off quickly so no need for a tea towel.

Do you really need it?

If your planning on staying in hostels many have cooking facilities for you to use. Research on the internet or call ahead to work out what they have. There’s nothing worse than carrying a piece of kit and not using it at all.