Vango Velocity Inflatable Tent 200 – 300 – 400

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Product Description

The Vango Velocity Inflatable Tent is part of a new range of AirBeam range than uses air rather than poles to keep the tent upright. Using robust inflatable tubes the tent is inflated using a footpump or electric pump, best of all it goes up really fast.

There are currently three versions in the Vango Velocity range, the 200, 300 and 400. The numbers relate to the number of people, no not 200, but 2 berth, 3 berth and 4 berth. If you forget the fact that these are inflatable tents then lets look at the specs of the tents.

As expected there’s a sown in groundsheet, zipped covers for the points where you inflate. Two doors on either side, one has a mesh layer great for letting air in but bugs out! Theres another two vents to let more air into the tent. PVC windows to let light into the living area.

Outside there’s nice orange guylines which help when you have people walking around your tent at night, the guylines are already attached to your tent in the correct positions. The inner tent features Vango lights out technology which keeps the light levels inside low so you don’t get woken up in the morning as the sun rises.

Inside theres pockets for gear and a lamp loop. You get a pump with the tent, a repair kit and a bag to carry it all in. So all pretty standard features of a 2 to 4 man tent.

One thing to note, these tents are not light, the Vango Velocity 200 Tent weighs in at 7kg. The Vango Velocity 300 Tent at 8.85kg and the Vango Velocity 400 Tent at 10kg. Compare that with other 2 man tents e.g. the vango Equinox 250 which is a similar size is only 4.3kg.

So if your thinking that an inflatable tent is going to be lights due to having no tent poles then it’s not. The aim of the Vango Velocity range is to get tents up and pitched in double time. All three tents can be pitched in 3 minites.

If your experienced in pitching tents then I can’t really recommend a Vango Velocity Inflatable tent to you. However if you love getting outdoors or fancy camping for the first time but can’t pitch a tent to save your life then the Vango Velocity Tents are ideal for for you!