Berghaus Men's Cuesta II Multi-Activity Shoes


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Product Description

The Berghaus Men’s Cuesta II Multi-Activity Shoe is a multi purpose shoe that’s fit for multiple activities. Great for trail walking, scrambling or just every day wear.

The main feature of this new design is the sole which features the Opti-Stud® grip system. The aim is for a decent traction and cushioning on any surface, be that loose ground or solid rock.

At the top of the tongue and the heel are two fabric loops which help pull up the tongue and help pull off the shoe. They’re also useful for hanging the shoe out to dry. Around the toe there’s extra padding which will protect the fabric on the top. The same protection features round the back of the shoe up the heel. Air holes on the side provide much needed ventilation.

With a pair of the Men’s Cuesta II Multi-Activity Shoes in hand, they were great for an afternoon around the shops not looking out of place with a pair of jeans. I’ve also been on a quick 10 mile walk on a mix of grass, gravel and tarmac. Even with normal sports socks the shoes were really comfortable and no blisters, pretty good for a brand new pair of shoes.