Source Low Profile Widepac™ hydration system


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Product Description

You may not have heard of Source before; the Israel-based company specialises in sandals and hydration packs. We’ve been sent the latest from their hydration range — the Low Profile Widepac.

The stand out feature from this hydration pack is the hole in the middle which keeps the width of the reservoir below 3.5 cm thick. This means the pack doesn’t balloon out too much taking up too much room in your pack, which is a key problem with many other hydration packs.

With a capacity to hold 1.5 litres it’s classed as a small hydration pack. Source’s main range of packs range from 1.5 litres up to 3 liters. The Low Profile Widepac is therefore great for anyone on a short walk, who doesn’t tend to drink much or if you’re only carrying a smallish pack.

The cut out isn’t the only clever design feature; the patented Widepac technology allows you to open the reservoir at the top to fill rather than the traditional screw top. A red plastic clip slides over the top of the pack sealing the liquid in. This means you able to fill it right to the top, get into the pack to easily clean it out and also pop items in such as ice cubes.

Helping to keep your water tasting like water are a few intuitive design features. For example the plastic has been designed to be smooth almost like glass ensuring no “plasticy” taste. This also ensures that liquids won’t stick and just run off the surface, so you won’t really need to clean it out as it’s self cleaning while a “Grudge Guard” stops any bacteria growing so its not going to go green and slimy any time soon.

The tube is of great quality, really tough material and it clips into the reservoir with no trouble. The mouth piece twists to seal and you bite the valve to drink! There’s a little black cap to clip onto the valve to keep it protected while it’s not in use. All very simple to put together and use.

To get the best out of any hydration pack you can hook it into a backpack. With the Source Low Profile Widepac being so slim it will fit into most backpacks including smaller day sacks.

Overall a great product from Source Great for anyone looking for a smaller sized hydration pack. When not it use it folds down into a small size. It’s not only going to keep you hydrated but it also leaves plenty of room for gear in you bag.

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