Scarpa Terra GORE-TEX GTX Men’s Walking Boots


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Product Description

If you still think that walking boots should be brown, made from leather and not look like ski boots then the Scarpa Terra GORE-TEX GTX boots could be what you’re looking for.

In recent years trends in boot manufacturing has shifted somewhat to the use of treated synthetic materials. Often lighter, waterproof and breathable it means designs have been “modernised” with the use of various patterns and colours. Some traditionalists will always look to  buy leather boots, for the feel and the fit, so how about the Scarpa Terra?

The upper is made from oiled full grain leather. This means it’s been treated with tannin and extracts from vegetables to improve its waterproofness. Underneath the leather the inner is lined with a Gore-Tex lining which itself is waterproof, so two layers of protection.

The Gore-Tex also adds breathability and padding, helping to keep your feet warm, dry and comfy. So a good combination of old, the leather and the new, the Gore-Tex.

The laces supplied are average and looks like they won’t take much to fray. The laces can be wound around two hooks to secure the boot. In the boot the cushioning around the heel is great, thick padded and soft to touch. It does mean that the inside of the boot is comfy, even without a  thick walking sock.

The inner sole supplied is ok and is made from two pieces of foam. It feels like it will last, but it does not feature anything different, e.g. a raised inner section or a padded toe area.

The sole is made by Vibram, specifically the Energy sole. Testing the boots out in the mud and slippy sufaces, the sole offers decent tread and good grip. However, there’s not much of a toe cap on the front, which is often useful to stop scuffing on the toe when you might have to climb a little.

So overall the Scarpa Terra GORE-TEX GTX Men’s Walking Boots is a decent “traditional boot”. The waterproof features are excellent as is the comfort of the boot. There’s one or two little features that could be improved, the toe and the laces supplied, however overall an excellent boot from Scarpa.

For more information see the product on the Snow + Rock website.