Reversible Buff Polar Headband


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Product Description

The Reversible Buff Polar Headband is designed to keep your head and ears warm during snow sports.

One side is made from Original Buff polyester microfibre and the other side is made from Polartec fleece. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the fleece side is noticeably warmer than the polyester microfibre side. The design of the headband provides extra protection over the ears and also prevents sweat from dripping in to your eyes. We managed to get hold of the matt black version with the Buff logo to review. However, the headband is available in a variety of colours and designs.

According to the company, the Reversible Buff Polar Headband is two times warmer than regular fleece. The fibres in the headband are able to trap the air and retain body heat to keep you nice and toasty. Another great performance feature is that it is highly breathable which helps to regulate your body temperature.

As with other Buff products, the Reversible Buff Polar Headband has active odour control which is effective for the lifetime of the headband. The odour control is based on natural silver salt which inhibits the growth of bacteria, helping the headband stay fresher for longer.