Patagonia Womens Island Hemp Shorts

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Product Description

With the sun shining outside, the Patagonia Women’s Island Hemp Shorts have arrived just in time for the start of the British summer (well I hope we get one this year).

As soon as I lifted the Island Hemp Shorts out of its packaging, you can immediately tell they have been made to be worn during hot summers. Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, the shorts are extremely light in weight and have a very soft hand. This is very evident when wearing the shorts. The shorts are perfect in hot climates and provide a sense of “coolness” that is very similar to linen. The coolness is also helped by its loose fit which allows air to circulate around the area. The loose fit also means that there is no restrictions enabling full freedom of movement.

The Island Hemp Shorts have a very classic design and as with a lot of Patagonia products, they are designed for travellers. The low-rise shorts have a zip-fly design which is closed using coconut buttons and a roll-up cuff detail which is secured by a tab and coconut button.. They also have four pockets, two at the front and two at the back. The two pockets at the back have coconut button closures. The shorts come with two spare buttons which are sewn to the back of the zip fly just in case any pop off!

In addition to being practical, the Island Hemp Shorts also have environmentally friendly credentials, some of which we have already touched upon. Besides the fact that they are made from organic cotton/hemp with coconut buttons, the shorts can also be recycled through Patagonia’s Common Threads Recycling Program. For more information about the programme click here.

We’ve been testing the Patagonia Island Hemp Shorts as a backpacking item in south america. We’ve not had many opportunities to wear the shorts as it’s currently winter there. However, we have worn them a few times.

Although the shorts seem fairly lightweight, they also feel durable so they should last through our adventures. They are easy to pack as they can be folded away into a small compact space.

On the warmer days, the shorts are comfortable to wear as they are airey and cool. At night, however, they have been switched for a pair of long trousers. For climates where you need to pack for winter and summer, they are a good item to pack with you as they take up a small amount of space(as mentioned earlier).

The pockets are useful but some zipped pockets could be even more useful as pickpocketing is common in south America.

Overall, we found that the shorts were a good item to go backpacking with. But I think they would be better appreciated in hotter climates such as in south east Asia or Australia.