Patagonia Pinback Top

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Product Description

New in for review via special delivery is the Patagonia Pinback Top for women. A halter-style top, my first impression was how summery it looks with its large pink/red/purple floral print. Although Patagonia do specialise in outerwear, many of their items are also designed as travel wear. The Patagonia Pinback Top is one example.

The Patagonia Pinback Top is made from a blend of 90% organic cotton and 10% spandex so it has some green credentials. It can also be recycled through the company’s Common Threads Recycling Program.

The Patagonia Pinback Top has a very soft hand and the first word that springs to my mind is “quality”. Considering its a summer top, the fabric feels quite thick . The top is also fairly weighty for a top of its size. Patagonia’s website state that it weighs 138 g (4.9 oz). On the up side, it feels as though it would definately last for a long time and could make a good investment, especially if you are planning on backpacking for a year or so.

On the body, it feels extremely soft against the skin. I actually requested a size small but what arrived in the package was a size medium. Surprisingly, the top was a good fit! The area around the bust is quite clingy while the rest of the top around the torso is fairly shaped with a little bit of room. I’m not sure if its suppose to be like that or whether the whole top is meant to cling to the body, but I actually really liked this fit as it means that you can have that extra slice of cake without feeling too self-conscious!

In terms of features, the top has an open-back design for enhanced mobility and adjustable straps which tie around the neck (this also helps with fit). At a glance, the straps look quite bulky but around the neck, they feel very soft against the skin and are actually very comfortable. The top also has a double layer bodice which has a shirring detail and an empire-line fabric band for additional support.

The label is printed on the back of the top so you don’t even have to deal with a scratchy label on your back.

South America
I’ve been backpacking around Peru and Bolivia and have found that the Patagonia Pinback top has made a great travel top. As it is winter season here at the moment, it is fairly hot during the day yet bitterly cold at night. The thickness of the top has been quite welcomed as a thin halter neck top could be a bit too cold to wear here.

The top also packs up quite small, making it easy to fit into my large rucksack. The top is very soft against the skin and can be worn for long hours without any irritation.

One of the downfalls, however, is that after hand washing the to, it takes a while to dry as it is quite thick and therefore soaks up a lot of water.

Overall, I think that the pinback top makes a great travel item, especially for countries which are warm/hot. It’s been almost two months and there are no frays in sight and I’m confident that the top will last for a good few more months.