Patagonia Men's Trail Maker Shorts

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Product Description

A versatile garment, the Patagonia Men’s Trail Maker Shorts are perfect for outdoor adventures as well as everyday wear. When I picked them up, I actually thought they were swim shorts and they wouldn’t be a bad alternative!

Made from a breathable stretch woven fabric which has been treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish, the Trail Maker Shorts have a relaxed fit. There is also a built-in liner though this does not cling to your legs like the liners in swim shorts. The liner is made from 80% polyester and 20% Spandex stretch tricot with a wicking finish, and is very soft and smooth against the skin.

I have barely started yet you can tell that these shorts are packed with features that most adventurers desire in their clothing!

The shorts have a total of 5 pockets, two at the front, one at the side and two at the back. The side pocket is closed by a small circular Velcro fastening whilst the ack right pocket is closed using a zip. All the pockets are pretty deep and should be more than enough to keep your valuables safe for your trip. The shorts also have an elasticised waistband (always good to know if you want that extra pint of beer!) and an internal hem cord.

Thanks to its water repellent and moisture management properties, the shorts are ideal for anyone planning on going backpacking to countries where the weather can be unpredictable. They are very versatile whilst its performance properties help to ensure that you can enjoy your adventure even if the weather takes a bad turn.

I’ve be giving them a test run in South America over the last couple of weeks.

So far we’ve not done swimming due to the low temperatures but have been doing plenty of walking. The shorts are great as with the inner lining reduced any rubbing.

During the day the zipped pocket has come in great use to store my iPod and wallet.

They are also great for when your running out of pants, the inner allows you to wear the shorts without boxers on, they also don’t tend to pick up dirt or odour so can be worn two, three days and still feel fresh.

So far a really good pair or shorts for travelling, when I get to warmer climates they’ll be used for a multitude of water sports!