Outwell Magic Tent


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Product Description

The Outwell Magic Tent is more than a tent, it’s a whole entertainment center for kids, and it’s a decent tent too! The idea of the Outwell Magic Tent is not just being a 5 man tent but also a place for kids to play and have fun. The tent features three compartments, one suitable for three adults, one for two kids and the main living area. There’s standing room in the living room area, which also features five pockets and loops for hanging items from the roof.

To get in there’s a front door and a side door, the second having a cable entry point. Both doors have a mosquito net so you let air in but not the bugs. Plenty of light is let into the living area from 5 windows, all have material that pull down over the window.

In the adults sleeping area there’s pockets and a low light window. It’s a lot more exciting in the kids room, the door is decorated and features a smaller door for kids only! The roof has a star pattern and there are plenty of pockets for kids clothes and items they pick up during the day’s adventures. There’s also a netting with holes in which allows you to play games e.g. throwing a ball in the tent.

Outside there a pull out sheet with holes in, so you can throw or kick a ball, different sized holes score different points. If you don’t fancy a ball being kicked against the tent the sheet can be pitched on it’s own. The pack also comes with some balls, a pump and some bats

So over all the Outwell Magic Tent is pretty much magic. With plenty of features to entertain kids it’s a great tent for younger members of the family but also is practical for older members with a large sleeping area and living area.

Overall the Outwell Magic Tent warrants the price tag for a great family tent.