Outwell Hartford XL- 8 Man Berth Tent


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Product Description

The Outwell Hartford XL- 8 Man Berth Tent is a big tent. The outline facts are, four areas, three for sleeping and one large kitchen area. Two sleeping areas house three people and one can house two people. The main kitchen area is split up into an entrance and a sitting area which the three living quarters look out onto.

Features include heavy duty zips, detachable ground sheet for the front porch, pre attached inner tents, pockets in the inner tents / living area, lantern hooks and cable ties. Plenty of light comes into the tent with windows on either side of the living area.

The Outwell Hartford XL- 8 Man Berth Tent is a big tent and it shows in the weight for the two bags,  20.90 kg for the main bag and 11.00 kg for the pole bag. There’s plenty of room for standing in the middle at 2.15 meters, while the tent takes up a 7.70 x 7.55 meters squared area.

There are added extras for a cost including a front door extender and a carpet to go in the kitchen / living area.

Over all for size and quality the Outwell Hartford XL- 8 Man Berth Tent is one of the best 8 man tents you can buy. It’s size also means if the weather turns nasty there is enough room to sit, entertain and play inside.