Outwell Carolina L Tent


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Product Description

The Outwell Carolina L Tent is a great tent for larger groups and families. It is has a spacious living area and sleeps up to six people in two sleeping compartments. With so many people, its going to be difficult to keep all your gear tidy inside the tent. With this in mind, the manufacturer has designed the Outwell Carolina L Tent with light cable ties, as well as a lamp holder, to help you to keep your stuff tidy and secure.

If the living area isn’t quite enough for you, you can always buy a specially designed front extension and side extension to attach to the tent. The extensions are designed specifically for the Outwell Carolina L Tent but they are rather pricey with the front extension retailing at around £69 and the side extension retailing at around £90. For an additional £159, you could consider buying a larger tent if it is the extra space that you are looking for.

The Outwell Carolina L Tent has been built to last with reinforcement patches located on stress points around the tent. Held up with Duratec fibreglass poles, the tent seems pretty sturdy and confident in all weathers. It has large windows to let in light while four vents provide a high level of ventilation.

And for that extra homely feeling, the Outwell Carolina L Tent also includes an Outwell doormat! Home sweet home!