NosiLife Darla Long Sleeved Womens Shirt


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Product Description

The NosiLife Darla Long Sleeved Shirt for women is part of Craghoppers’s NosiLife spring/summer 2011 range. Designed for everyday wear, especially in the outdoors, and described as an “adventure shirt”, the NosiLife Darla is perfect for travellers, particularly those going to Malarious areas.

The main feature of the shirt is the company’s NosiLife technology which provides the shirt with permanent insect repellency. According to Craghoppers, its NosiLife range is the only clothing currently on the market with permanent insect repellency. The technology makes use of a non-toxic and non-irritant agent which is said to prevent 90% of insect bites, including from mosquitoes and midges.

Unfortunately, March isn’t quite the time of year to be testing the effectiveness of the technology in Britain. We didn’t see any midges around on our test where we would expect to see them, or perhaps the shirt is the reason why we didn’t see any as it is so effective in repelling insects?!

The NosiLife Darla Long Sleeve Shirt is made from NosiLife SolarDry polyamide supplex ripstop fabric which is notably light in weight. The fabric is also extremely quick to dry and provides protection against the sun.

In terms of practical features, it has one buttoned chest pocket as well as a security zipped pocket located within and just behind the buttoned chest pocket. The collar can also be lifted up to provide additional protection from the sun around the neck area. In hotter climates, the sleeves can be rolled up to elbow where they are secured by a button. There is also a drying loop located in the centre of the back so it can be hung to dry. The shirt’s vented back was also welcome when our body temperature started to rise as it helped to keep us cool.

If you are planning on travelling or simply going on holiday to countries where mosquitoes are prevalent, then we would definitely recommend the NosiLife Darla Long Sleeve Shirt. It offers the perfect combination of providing protection against insects and the sun, and being lightweight with a number of useful practical features.