Lowe Alpine World Tour ND 60 + 20

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Product Description

The Lowe Alpine World Tour ND 60 + 20 is great for female backpackers looking for a reliable and practical rucksack. A robust and sturdy bag, it should endure longer journeys such as round the world trips.

Designed specifically for the female body, a diagram on the back of the bag provides an indication of where the straps should be placed for the most comfortable fit. At just 5 ft 3, I fall into the “small” category. When adjusted and strapped in correctly, the Lowe Alpine World Tour ND 60 + 20 is extremely comfortable to wear. The backstraps can also be put away and zipped up when travelling on trains, planes, etc so that they do not dangle around – a great feature for those planning to use the bag for travelling. It also has a side strap if you decide to hold the bag instead of carrying it on your back.

The Lowe Alpine World Tour ND 60 + 20 is a good size for backpackers as it should hold everything you need for your trip plus a little extra for presents you buy on your journey. With an attached 20 litre day bag which clips on to the back of the rucksack as well as on the straps so that you can wear the bag in front of you, it will cater for your everyday needs. It is even large enough for all your things if you are planning on going on a two or three day trek.

Another attractive feature of the day pack is the secret pocket hidden at the back of the bag which can come in useful for storing passports, tickets, etc. It also has another pocket in the inside of the bag for an iPod. The headphones can then be threaded through a small hole at the back of the bag to your ears.

The main bag also has a number of useful pockets for storing items in as well as straps to compress all your items in the bag. The zips unzip all the way down to the bottom of the bag which allows you to unzip the bottom part of the bag so you don’t have to dig around for certain items.

One of the downsides of the Lowe Alpine World Tour ND 60 + 20 rucksack, however, is that it doesn’t have a little compartment at the bottom of the bag for items such as shoes or dirty laundry.

Overall,I would definately recommend the Lowe Alpine World Tour ND 60 + 20 for female backpackers, mainly for the comfort factor, its price and size.