Icebreaker Womens Superfine150 Tech T Lite T-shirt


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Product Description

The Icebreaker Womens Superfine150 Tech T Lite T-shirt is Icebreaker’s lightest ultrafine merino T-shirt. It is part of the company’s 150 Travel Ultralite collection for spring/summer 2011, which comprises garments that are ideal for warm to hot conditions.

We’ve got the Belize version in a nice blue colour to test out this week so I’ve been wearing it to my spinning class, on a long walk in the Greater Manchester area, and just out and about for everyday wear.

Aesthetically, the Tech T Lite has a classic style with a crewe neck and set-in sleeves. There is also a small Icebreaker logo on the right hand side of the chest area. In terms of performance properties, the Tech T Lite T-shirt has anti-odour and moisture wicking properties, and is breathable.

On the body, the T-shirt is noticeably gentle and soft against the skin while the lightness of the T-shirt immediately makes me think that the Tech T would be perfect for backpackers travelling for longer durations.

I wore the T-shirt to my weekly advanced spinning class. I don’t usually wear tops with sleeves to this class as I find that the extra material around the arms and especially around the armpit area provides just that little bit more warmth (which is not what I need when I already start sweating after the first five minutes) — not to mention the fact that the extra material means that more sweat will be absorbed by the garment. Gross! Anyway, moving on, I decided to wear the Tech T Lite during the class to see how it fared during high exertion activities. Having got to the class early, I managed to get a bike next to a fan.

Thanks to its lightness and breathability, the Tech T Lite was very comfortable to wear during the class. The Tech T Lite draws out the sweat and pushes the moisture to the surface of the garment, and with the fan next to me, it helped me to stay, well I wouldn’t say dry, but maybe drier than I would have been if I had been wearing a standard sports T-shirt. By the end of the warm down, the Tech T Lite was practically dry, and after a little sniff, I wouldn’t describe the T-shirt as having a “fresh” smell but certainly, it did not smell bad, which is amazing considering the amount of sweat I produced during the class. The Tech T Lite scored well in the spinning class but I would still prefer to wear tops with no sleeves for such high exertion activities.

Its been a very sunny week so I wore the T-shirt on its own on a long walk. However, the Tech T Lite can also be worn as a baselayer as part of a three layer system in colder conditions. As in the spinning class, the Tech T Lite was very comfortable to wear on the walk. The moisture wicking properties kept me cool, but with no fan blowing on my back this time, it was slower to dry compared with in the spinning class. However, it is still very quick drying compared with other T-shirts. A short five minute break, and the T-shirt was dry again.

The Women’s Tech T Lite is also stylish enough to be wearing when you’re out and about. I popped into town on a busy and hot Good Friday wearing the Tech T Lite, popping in and out of shops. On such a hot day, the T-shirt was ideal and helped me to stay cool.

As with all Icebreaker garments, the Superfine 150 Tech T Lite T-shirt comes with a Trace Me code on the hangtag. You can go to Icebreaker’s website and input your code to find out where the merino wool in your T-shirt came from.

Overall, the Tech T Lite is a very versatile T-shirt and can be worn for most activities unless you are planning on going to extremely cold countries in which I would suggest for you to purchase a heavier weight Icebreaker top. It is particularly ideal for backpackers who will be visiting hot and cold countries. In the colder countries, the T-shirt can be worn as part of a layering system to keep you warm.

A big thumbs up from Outdoor Enthusiasts!