Icebreaker Mens Bodyfit / 150 Leggings W/FLY


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Product Description

Icebreaker’s Mens Bodyfit / 150 Leggings with fly are the bottom half to the Bodyfit 150 L/S Atlas Merino Wool Top which we reviewed a few weeks ago. The technology used in these mens’s leggings is pretty much the same as the top, made from merino wool it won’t smell, it keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold etc etc. If you want a full run down of the extraordinary properties then see the review on the top.

We’ve been sent the 150 version of the leggings with a fly for when nature calls. There are three other products in the range, the slightly thicker 200, one full leg and one “legless” (reaches just to the middle of your calfs, and the even thicker 260 version only available in full leg.

The shape of the leggings are good, fitting snug around your bum and inner leg it’s going to avoid any chafing in-between your legs. Nothings going to be hanging loose in a pair of these! There’s flatlock stitching to reduce any rubbing and there’s no seam down the middle of your bum which can cause a little irritation.

The waist has a elastic waistband which is around one inch wide. Here, it has “Icebreaker” and “100% Pure” stitched in grey thread, nothing too distasteful. A yellow label around the back hides the seam of the elastic waistband. Sizes range from waist of 80cm to 100cm, the large fitted me well, not too tight but not loose so I would feel the need to pull them up.

Around the ankles there is no elastic, which means you have to give the pants a slight tug to get the bottom around your ankles on to the bottom of your legs. You could keep the leggings below your sock line, all depending on your leg length, I’m guessing elastic hasn’t featured on the bottom to avoid them being too tight around your feet.

There’s a little Icebreaker 150 logo on the left leg, apart from that the entire garment is black, they only come in black.

Similar to the top we’ve reviewed the bottoms are suitable for anything! Walking, running, cycling, sports etc. I can also see them being really really useful if you wear suit trousers to work, traditional longjohns from Marks and Spencer or Primark are always too thick under your work trousers. You just end up looking like you’ve hit the gym too much and will protrude above your work trousers. With these leggings from Icebreaker being thin and tight fitting they would be great for the cold winter months under your smart trousers.

Luckily for me there’s going to be no urban office test as I’m off to Peru next month to conquer the Inca Trail. Temperatures will drop at night to around zero so we are going to have an excellent testing environment for both the Icebreaker Mens Bodyfit / 150 Leggings W/FLY and the top, I’m already predicting good marks for both!

Inca Trail Test

For our trip to Peru we knew temperatures were going to be hot during the day and cold at night, requiring two sets of clothes per day. I only packed two pairs of summer trousers, rather than going for winter trousers which have an inner lining.

With temperatures on busses at night and the trail dropping below zero the legging came in great use as a layer below my trousers.

At night on the Inca Trail I was also wearing the leggings in the sleeping bag. Not only great at keeping you warm but also a layer between you and the rented sleeping bag!

During the day with temperatures around 20 C there was no need to wear the leggings with trousers or shorts.

An essential item not only for the Inca Trail but for traveling around South America.