Icebreaker Mens Beast / 150 Anatomica SS Anatomica Crewe


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Product Description

The Icebreaker Mens Beast / 150 Anatomica SS Anatomica Crewe as the name would suggest comes from the Icebreaker beast range which “combines edgy city styling with the fit, comfort and athleticism of performance outdoor clothing”. So it’s a design for the city integrated with all the goodness you would expect from Icebreaker. As well as tops there’s also boxers and briefs in the beast range. We were sent the top in Green which also comes in a black and blue.

The fabric has a slight twist, as well as merino wool there’s also Lycra which allows the fabric to stretch to provide a tighter fit. The stitching along the sides is in blue on the green version of the top. On the left sleeve, the blue stitching features again, but not on the right sleeve. The different colour stitching ensures the top isn’t just a plain green top. There’s just the one logo on the top which is a label down the right side.

The t-shirt retains all the properties of merino wool, smooth on the skin, odor resistant, easy to wash, etc. The shirt comes in the 150g/m2 category so it’s pretty thin.

Usage could be for either a base layer or a just as a normal t-shirt. If you’ve been hitting the gym recently and have the urge to show off your hard work then this t-shirt is going to be great as it almost clings to your body, a similar sensation to having a static charged football top.

However, if you’ve been down to the pub, for a few McDonalds and not used your gym membership it’s going to show of fyour figure a little. In this case just use it as a baselayer.

I’m going to be testing it out next month on a trip to Peru along with some other Icebreaker products, I expect this top to be great during the day under a longer sleeve light shirt and then in the evening! But not something I’ll be wearing out to the local bars and restaurants as I don’t have much of a “skinny fit” body!

Inca Trail Test

The beast top was one of my 4 tops for the 4 day trip. After a few weeks of traveling I´ve lost a few pounds so the top fits slightly better now!

I used the top on the last day of the trail as the soft fabric was rather nice on my shoulders which had taken the force of a 10kg bag for 3 days.

The last day on the trail was the hottest, many people getting sun burnt while walking around Machu Pichu, the beast top was great for keeping me cool and protected from the sun! Pity I didn´t have a spare to hang over my face which was rather red by the end of the trip.