Icebreaker 320 RealFleece Igloo Zip


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Product Description

The Icebreaker 320 RealFleece Igloo Zip is a top range fleece for women. On the hanger, the fleece just looks like a standard black zip jacket. But when worn, it is stylish and has a tightish fit which shows the curves of a woman’s body.

The jacket is made form Icebreaker’s 320 Realfleece material which is constructed from 100% merino wool. Merino wool is naturally insulating and has natural anti-odour properties. The fleece jacket is also wind-resistant, helping you stay warm high up in the hills. It is these performance properties which give the jacket its premium touch and make it stand out from other fleece jackets.

Soft against the skin, the Icebreaker 320 RealFleece Igloo Zip can be worn as an outer layer or as an alternative to a bulky mid-layer. It is very comfortable to wear and gives you enough freedom to move around during hikes and walks.

In terms of practical features, the fleece jacket has two zip pockets to keep your hands warm, and a full zip at the centre in the front. When zipped to the top, the jacket covers the neck keeping the chill off your neck.

Another nice little feature of the Icereaker 320 RealFleece Igloo Zip is that it comes with a label which contains a BaaCode. You can go on Icebreaker’s BaaCode website and enter the code to find out which farm in New Zealand the merino wool in your jacket came from.

With an RRP price of £139.99, the Icebreaker 320 RealFleece Igloo Zip may break the bank balance but its performance qualities are second to none.