Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Waterproof ion-mask Men's Walking Boots


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Product Description

If you’re looking for a lightweight and modern looking walking boot then the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite could be a good option.  It’s packed full of neat technology and only weighs in at 1.326kg for the pair (Pretty light but not as light as the Brasher Kiso GTX at 1.167kg which I took on a year-long travelling trip).

So what technology is stuffed into the boot? The headlight feature / technology is Ion-mask which we’ve seen on the Hi-Tech Mens V-Lite Infinity trail running shoes. The upper material has been treated to repel water, so although it might not feel waterproof to touch it will keep water, mud etc all on the outside.  Best of all you can take pictures of the water beading on the boot, check out second to last picture on the left.

This technology means the upper material can stay pretty thin, yet waterproof. Overall the top half of the boot does have a thin trainer like feel, however popping on a walking sock and tying up the laces it feels comfortable and secure.

Round the ankle on the inside a different material has been used, a similar feel to leather it means when you tie up the laces it won’t rub around your ankle. With regards to the laces, you get black laces with a gold trim, but there’s a spare set of laces in the box, gold with black trim if you fancy making the boot a little brighter.

Inside there’s a rather thick and sturdy inner sole. Picture 8 and 9 in the gallery show it out of the boot. It features a “3D Counter Balance” which essentially means the inside of the inner sole is thicker to match the shape of your sole.

Down below, the sole of the boot has been produced by everyone’s favourite sole maker Vibram. Round the back, the sole comes up the heel a good inch and a half for protection with a little bit round the toe. It gives a nice grippy sole with good deep tread.

A few other features that are nice include the loop on the heel to help pull the boot off, and a loop on the top of the tongue to pull it up when tying the laces. The tongue also has some little air holes to aid ventilation. The hooks for the laces are nice and sturdy with some nice detail. However when tying up the laces it’s a bit of a tight fit to get the lace in, that might be seen as a plus point as the laces don’t come loose.

So any good in the field? The waterproof protection from the ion-mask is great, as is the grip of the sole. However around the top of the foot and ankle it’s not hugely comfortable with a medium thickness sock such as the Brasher Hillmaster Sock. A little thicker sock and it’s better, less rubbing around the top of the foot near to the ankle.

The design is very much to a modern taste, the bright gold with the silver might not suit all. However if you’re looking for modern designs it’s not the worst we’ve seen.

Overall the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Waterproof men’s walking boot has all the ingredients to make a fantastic product however the comfort level just isn’t quite there yet. The waterproof, sole and inner sole are all good. It’s just beed let down by the feel on the top of the foot.

More details of the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Waterproof ion-mask can be found at the Hi-Tec website.