Hi-Tec Mens V-Lite Infinity HPi


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Product Description

Hi-Tec Mens V-Lite Infinity HPi are lightweight adventure sports trainers, great for trail running off-road or on-road. Stacked full of technology Hi Tec have put a lot of time and research into producing this flagship product which aims to be a market leader. A quick run down of the technology with an explanation.

Flex Zone – Helps the sole flex as you run
3D Counter Balance – Smoother centre of pressure which reduces the chance of injury
SUZE Digital – Seamless Upper Zone Engineering – Reduces blisters, lighter fabric & breathability
Vibram Sole – Made by the experts Vibram, the sole provides a high level of grip in wet conditions and durability
XCM Technology – Reduces the amount of seams which improves comfort and reduces weight
ion-mask – developed by P2i this adds a waterp repellent layer to the upper material and helps to keep the top clean

Throwing all this technology into the trainer has helped to create a great product. When picking up the shoe you notice instantly how little it weighs and after touching the material, you think that it shouldn’t be waterproof. However, the ion-mask technology, which has been applied to the fabric, provides high levels of water repellency despite the material being so thin. Best of all is the waterproof test; just grab a cup of water and pour over the top, the water runs off and leaves a few beads of water behind. Check out the pictures of the water beading over on the left  (Please do, it took ages to get that shot in focus).

Having a waterproof trail running shoe might not be the top of your priority, you may look for support, grip and weight – all features the V-Lite Infinity HPi scores highly on. The added advantage of it being waterproof  means the weight is kept down, yes if you submerge your foot in water it will come in via your socks but it won’t add to the weight as water will run off the fabric rather than soaking up. Many trail runners look for a light trainer so this feature will certainly win over a few runners.

Extra durability comes in the toe and heel which are well formed and add extra support. There’s nothing worse than stubbing your toe when running over uneven ground. Inside there’s plenty of padding and a microfibre collar lining which makes the shoe really comfortable even when you’re placing plenty of pressure on it.

The product we had was in the Dark Grey/Infinity Green/Silver version, there are two other colour schemes Olive/Taupe/Sunflower and Red/Black/Silver. The Olive/Taupe/Sunflower for me was the pick of the bunch. Sizes range from UK 7 to 13 including half sizes.

If you want to know a little more about the Hi-Tec Mens V-Lite Infinity HPi trainer then this little video explains the technology in a little more detail.

Overall a great product from Hi-Tec, the time and effort gone into making the Hi-Tec Mens V-Lite Infinity HPi has really paid off.

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