Helly Hansen Womens Pace Singlet


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Product Description

In for review is the Helly Hansen Womens Pace Singlet top which is part of Helly Hansen’s spring/summer 2011 training collection. The Pace Singlet top is a high performance garment designed for active sports such as trail running, or it can be used as a base layer for outdoor activities.

The top is available in a variety of colours including grey with a yellow trim, which is the version we have in for review. The yellow trim makes a good reflector which, needless to say, increases your visibility and, in turn, your safety. This feature means that it is also great for running or cycling in evenings when the visibility is reduced. The top also has two yellow lines down the back which also enhances the wearer’s visibility.

On the body, the Pace Singlet is tight fitting with stretch properties. It has a smooth finish and is very soft against the skin. The top is made from the company’s HH Cool fabric which is composed of 59% polyester, 37% polypropylene and 4% elastane. The fabric is said to be the company’s “most advanced fabric for high intensity workout” which bodes well for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly regular trail runners. It incorporates Helly Hansen’s Lifa Stay Dry technology on the interior side which is 40% lighter and 60% drier than alternative fibres while the exterior is constructed from polyester which pulls moisture away from the skin, thereby helping the wearer to stay cool and dry during their workout, walk, run or bike ride, etc.

To test the moisture wicking properties, I wore the Pace Singlet during an advanced spinning class which lasts one hour. The moisture wicking properties were very much appreciated through out the class and after the cool down, my top, which would usually have large sweat patches, was practically dry. Up in the hills, on a slightly windy day, the Pace Singlet will be sure to keep you dry and cool during longer hikes and walks.

The Pace Singlet is also highly breathable as I discovered during the spinning class, and minimises chafing with a seamless construction.

Overall, I think that the Pace Singlet is a great bit of kit for high energy activities. It is particularly suitable for high energy outdoor activities such as trail running and climbing as it dries quickly, enables great freedom of movement as it clings to the body and has superb moisture wicking properties.