Helly Hansen Men's PACE SS


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Product Description

Helly Hansen’s men’s Pace SS t-shirt is a great multi functional t-shirt or base layer, and suitable for a number of activities. Designed to pull away sweat and heat it’s ideal for any physical activity, be that indoors or the great outdoors.

Helly Hansen have packed this little garment with a number of technologies:

  • Lifa® Stay dry technology – Doesn’t allow sweat to be absorbed, keeping you dry. It turns the sweat into vapours allowing it to escape. For  more information see
  • HH® CoolTM fabric technology – Almost an on-body air conditioning system which keeps air flowing around your skin.
  • Flat lock stitching – Does what it says on the tin, helps to reduce any bulky seams or rub on your skin. Check out the pictures on the right for the inside out picture.
  • UPF 30+ Protection, your torso won’t be getting burnt!

Quite a list of technology but what does it all produce? Its tight fitting as you’d expect from from a baselayer t-shirt for sports. You’ll feel the two seams down the back of the shirt initially but after a while you don’t feel any irritation, almost as if its one piece of fabric. When in fact there are four seams, two down the back and two either side.

On either sleeve, which come halfway down your upper arm there’s a reflective pattern. On the red version we had, this pattern was grey. The two seams down the back have the same reflective technology making it great for runners or cyclists.

The neck fits well with a small rubber HH tag on the left. While the label is made from plastic, so the washing information won’t…. wash off any time soon. The shirt comes in five colours, fiery red, azure blue, smoked perl, white and black.

As for uses, anything from hitting the gym, football, running, trail running or just general outdoor walk but as a base layer underneath a fleece layer top. I had the pleasure of trying it out for my daily commute to the office. Slightly tighter fitting than my Berghaus top it did help to reduce the amount of sweat on my back, which is quite an achievement considering I had a backpack while cycling. After locking up my bike and the trip in the lift (it’s the 6th floor!!) I was dry as a bone on my back. Normally I’ll be still a little sweaty going into the shower which is 5 minutes after the bike ride.

I’m sure for any runners or any gym fans this top would be great use keeping sweat levels down and thus keeping you cool in the hotter months or warmer during the colder months.

Overall the Men’s PACE SS is a great versatile product and with a starting RRP at £30 it’s not going to break the bank!