Helly Hansen Men's Anchorage Jacket


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Product Description

Looking for a rain jacket? Small to pack? Water and wind proof? Then the Helly Hansen men’s Anchorage jacket may be right for you.

A quick run down of the features, the front zip isn’t waterproof, however a flap of fabric keeps it tucked away while three strips of velcro and two poppers either end keep that flap secure. When zipped up, the inside has a small black fleece panel which will be pressed against your chin and neck, nice and smooth!

The left-hand chest pocket does have a waterproof zip. That pocket is pretty big, reaching all the way to the seam under your left arm.

Another two pockets at arms length. These pockets lack waterproof zips so they have the protective flaps. Just above each of the arm length pockets, running along the seam, are unorthodox underarm vents. Unorthodox as they are huge, and they start much lower down than your average underarm vents, again waterproof flap protects the zip.

The jacket features a hood with a peak, no wire peak or pocket to pack away but there are three cords to adjust, one either side and one at the back. The hood fitted really well around my average sized head. There’s a hem cord at the bottom to tighten around your bum. The cords can all be adjusted with one hand – great if you’re holding a camera or bag. Both cuffs can be tightened with velcro.

A feature laden jacket but it is missing a loop to hang up. You can use the cord on the back of the hood to hang up but its not the same as a standard loop which often come useful when hanging out to dry.

A quick fold and a roll, it packs away to about the size of a pint glass, and thats one of the main benefits – the size when rolled up. I took the jacket on a recent weekend trip to Liverpool, the sun was out for the entire weekend so didn’t get to test it out in rain, however it took up hardly any space in my bag. Great considering the jacket has a hood, three pockets and pit zips. Having a small stuff sack would be great to keep it all in packed away.

Despite a few missing features the Helly Hansen Men’s Anchorage jacket is a really good looking jacket. If you have a few quid to spend and you want to get a fashionable looking jacket with a nice fit then the Helly Hansen Anchorage should be top of your list!