Gelert Horizon 6 Man Tent


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Product Description

This new 2010 Gelert Horizon 6 Man Tent is pitched at the family market or larger groups going away for the weekend. The tunnel tent design boast two doors on either sides with two sleeping areas. Each sleeping area can fit three adults but if your not too fussed you can sleep in the middle kitchen area due to the feature of a sew in and reinforced ground sheets.

There’s plenty of pockets for gear, a input hole for a electrical hook up too, water resistant zip and good head room. It weighs in at just over 21kg which is ok for a quick carry from car boot to pitching area but wouldn’t be great for one match to carry a large distance, two people would be able to share the load of the Gelert Horizon 6 Man Tent.

Pitching is easy due to the tunnel design, 5 poles make up the main structure with additional poles to open up the doors if needed. You also have large window on either side of the tent to allow as much light into the living area.

Overall the Gelert Horizon 6 Man Tent is a really good tent which I’ve had the pleasure of staying in. It is great for a family of 5 or more, with plenty of room to sit inside if it’s raining outside.