Force Ten Helium 100


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Product Description

The Force Ten Helium 100 is a great tent for walkers or people travelling on their own. The weight comes in at just over 1kg which is impressive considering the solid structure of the tent. Inside the tent there’s a inner with room for one and space for your bag and to cook. There’s no ground sheet for the inner area but when you’re looking for a compact and light tent you won’t need a ground sheet.

The Force Ten Helium 100 is a hybrid tunnel design with rods on the outside of the tent, the door is on the side with the ability to adjust the tension on the poles. Size size the tent isn’t “square” with 90cm at one end and 60cm at the foot end. Length wise the back size is 270 with 210 on the entrance side.  Height is 85cm but you may struggle to sit upright in the middle of the tent.

If you’re looking for a one man tent to camp in the UK then the Force Ten Helium 100 is a great starter tent considering prices start around £150.