Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Sauda Long Sleeve Shirt

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Product Description

The Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Sauda Long Sleeve Shirt is idea for packpackers and travellers. The shirt incorporates permanent insect repellent which is ideal if your going to be visiting malarious zones on your travels.

The NosiLife technology which adds the insect repellent is exclusive to Craghoppers, you won’t find it in any other clothing. Completely non-toxic and non-irritant it aims to prevent 90% of insect bites. For anyone that’s ever used DEET you’ll know the downside can be the protection also can irritate your skin. Having the NosiLife technology in your shirt means you can cut down on the use of Deet and other insect repellents.

The shirt is also features SolarDry technology which provides protection from harmful UV rays. The shirt meets a minimum UPF 40+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), the international standard for clothing to be considered truly protective.

And when the sun’s beating down the fabric wicks away moisture from your skin. It’s lightweight and will dry quickly, ideal for backpackers.

Craghoppers sent over their latest shirt the Sauda Long Sleeve Shirt, we had the Brown Combo version which was checked with green, black and brown lines. There’s also the Grey Combo which is slightly lighter.

Four key features to point out from the shirt.

  • The coller has an extra flap of fabric, which when flipped up provides extra protection for your neck.
  • On the shirt breast theres a hidden zipped pocket which keeps the contents safe.
  • Two dying loops on the inside help you hang it up
  • On the back theres a loop to hack up on a hook

Overall a great product and it looks pretty good too. Which is really important for travellers and backpackers. With limited space you need to have clothes that can be used for multiple activities and occasions. The Sauda shirt can be used trekking during the day, washed and then used at night as smart shirt for going out. The fabric’s tough and with a lifetime guarantee it should last for your entire trip.