Coleman Waterfall 5 Man Tent


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Product Description

On the slightly cheaper side the Coleman Waterfall 5 Man Tent is a decent festival tent or family tent for the Summer months. The tent contains two sections a living / kitchen area and a sleeping area for five people.

The living / kitchen area can be access via two doors, one side has pole to prop open the door. The inner ground sheet is sew in so should keep all water out if there’s puddles gathering outside.

There’s a 2 meter head room which is decent, but that’s only in the centre of the kitchen area. Weight wise it’s 12.8kg which is light and could be managed by one person easily. The tent stays up thanks to four poles, two crossing for the living area and two tunnel poles for the sleeping areas.

Reviews on other sites noticed that the tent pegs were of poor quality and under strong winds the guy ropes sustained a little damage. You can get this tent for under £100 which is great value for a 5 man tent, but for that price it doesn’t features some of the extras seen in the Gelert Atlantis 5 Man Tent. Overall a good tent for the price