Coleman 1 Mantle Gas Lantern


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Product Description

The Coleman 1 Mantle Gas Lantern is a classic gas lantern that efficient and runs on two types of fuel. The lantern can burn unleaded petrol or Coleman liquid fuel, the base of the lantern stores either of the fuels. So if you run out of fuel you can pop down to your local garage and get some more fuel. Controls on the front allow you to light the lantern and vary the burn. A handle at the top allows to carry without burning your hands and hang up if your tent / caravan is strong enough.

At full burn the lanterns very bright with a output 125 watts, that’s around double an average house light, at 32 x 15cm it’s not the smallest or lightest at 1345 grams.

Overall the Coleman 1 Mantle Gas Lantern is great for a camping trip for a longer period of time and if your driving to your campsite.