Campingaz Camping Chef


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Product Description

The Campingaz Camping Chef features two hobs and a grill which is great for a long camping trip for a family or large group. If you planning on going away for a while and will be driving then this grill will do the job and all for a reasonable price.

The two stoves on the top have a power of 2,300 watts. Underneath there’s a radiant burner which is 1300 watt. The burner underneath is great for cooking toast, bacon etc. To power you can use a 907, 901 or 904 canister, the 907 would give you 8 hours of burning.

It’s all operated by three nobs, there’s legs to stand it up and a metal sheet on the bottom to catch any crumbs. As mentioned you’re not going to be able to carry it around with it coming in at 6kg.

Over all the Campingaz Camping Chef is a great cheap bit of kit idea for longer camping trips.