Brasher Trekmaster Socks


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Product Description

Up for review we have some of Brasher’s latest socks for its autumn/winter 2012 collection. So first up, we have Brasher’s Trekmaster socks – the women’s version in light rose. The men’s version comes in two colourways, olive/dark olive and navy/charcoal. As expected, the socks are up to the same Brasher standard we expected.

Apart from the signature brasher brand and the size of the socks knitted/printed on to the sole of the socks which sets them apart from other branded walking socks, the Trekmaster socks look like most standard walking socks hanging on a shop shelf. However, as soon as you touch them, you can feel the quality in the material that they’ve used. In this case, merino wool with Meraklon fibres. This combination of fibres are able to provide a high level of warmth as well as moisture wicking properties which help to keep your feet stay dry. However, we did notice that they weren’t quite as soft as previous Brasher socks that we’ve reviewed before, namely the Brasher Dual Trail Sock. The Trekmaster socks had a slightly rough and scratchy feel to them, especially on the inside but all this was lost once they fit nice and snug on your feet. Toasty! And even if you’re not planning on going on any winter hikes, you could just lounge around in them in the winter!! Very comfortable and not scratchy at all like they feel in your hand.

The socks have a ribbed construction which, because of the thickness of the socks, aren’t as visibly noticeable as the rib construction on the other models in the collection. However, they were definitely needed on the day we tested them as the socks were far too warm for a very warm autumn’s day which averaged at around 19 celsius. The Trekmaster walking socks are very thick as they are 4 season socks, and will keep your feet nice and toasty. But remember, feet always get sweaty no matter how long you walk so these socks are much more suited for winter trekking where temperatures are very very low.

The socks sat well on my feet during our walk as there is a soft knit cuff at the top which helps to hold the sock in place.When pulled all the way up, the socks reach around midway up your shin but scrumpled down, they provide extra cushioning around the ankles in between the boots and your feet. The main body of the sock is much more padded and this can be felt just by touching it.  The underfoot cushioning can also help to prevent blisters.

We tested them for around an hour or so but I had to take them off as it was far too warm a day to be wearing such thick socks. But in that hour, I experienced how comfortable they were to wear and they would have been perfect for when we climbed up a snowy volcano in Chile last year!