Brasher Naturale Trail Mens Walking Socks

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Product Description

If you’re conscious of where the materials that make up your clothes come from then these new socks from Brasher could be ideal for you. Brasher Naturale Trail Mens walking socks have been made from yarns from bamboo.

In total 78% of the sock is made from the bamboo viscose yarn, 20% nylon, 1% elastane and 1% lycra. The bamboo is also said to be naturally cooling which is great in the summer months. The sock also has a ventilation panel on the top of the foot.

As you would expect with a Brasher walking sock there are three padded areas on the heel,  toe and ball. These can be seen in the images where I’ve turned the sock inside out. Even though the sock is designed for two seasons (spring and summer) they are not too light to not provide any protection to the foot.

The pair pictured is the normal version which is ideal for when you are wearing walking boots as the sock comes up past the ankle.

I took a quick run wearing these socks to test out the features and although my feet were still a bit hot and sweaty, I suspect the ventilation panel worked more than the bamboo seeing as though the top of my foot was less sweatier than the rest of my foot.

What really stands out with this pair of sock is how soft to touch they are, even softer than some of my merino wool socks. With the summer months coming and hopefully some nice days the Brasher Naturale are certainly a comfortable and eco-friendly option.

You can pick them up from Brasher’s website or from Amazon for only £7.99 a pair.