Brasher Mountain Master Mens Socks

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Product Description

New for the Autumn/Winter of 2012 from Brasher is the Mountain Master walking socks. A four season sock, it will keep you warm in the coming winter months but cool in the summer and spring when it starts to heat up.

59% of the sock is made from Merino Wool Ultra and as you probably may know, merino wool has some great properties. It keeps you warm when it’s cold, doesn’t smell etc. This time round the wool has been spun into a twistless yarn which reduces friction and improves drying.

Normally with new products companies produce a mens and women’s edition. The Mountain Master is no different however the women’s version has been made differently to keep heat in as studies show that women’s feet are more likely to feel the cold. Whereas men’s feet are more likely to produce moisture e.g. men get sweaty feet much more easily than women, so having the merino wool will enable that sweat to escape much more effectively.

Another feature, which I don’t think is specific to the mens pair is that the socks are specific to certain feet, ie. there is one for the left foot and one for the right foot. On each toe is L or an R stitched into the roof of the sock.

In addition to this, you’ll notice the slightly different color and texture on certain parts. The toe, instep heel and just above the ankle feature high density padding. It’s slightly thicker and sturdier for those areas of the sock that will come into contact with your boot and be under the most amount of pressure.

So overall a great sock for use with traditional walking boots due to the thickness, height of the sock and warmth provided.