Brasher Kiso GTX Mens Hiking Boots

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Product Description

The Brasher Kiso GTX Mens Hiking Boots are a great option for a walking boot for UK terrain under £100. The boots are lightweight weighing in at 1167g for a pair of size 9.

On the toe and the heel the boot is covered in 1.6-1.8mm abrasion resistant suede (coloured black) which will stop any holes from general wear an tear. The toe is also protected, not a steel toe cap but enough to avoid any stubbed toes.

The lining inside the boot is GORE-TEX® making it waterproof yet breathable. That lining includes the tongue which is sewn in, so it’s waterproof pretty much up to the opening. Inside the sole there’s an absorbing EVA midsole with a memory foam in the collar for additional comfort. Even with a normal pair of sports socks it’s a comfy fit.

The sole is a standard brasher rubber sole, providing great grip on slippery surfaces and durability over time. The tread is around half a centimeter deep.

Laces are secured into place with three sets of hooks, the laces are long enough to wrap once behind your ankle and tie at the front in a single knot. The ankle support goes up around the side of your ankles and dips around your achilles.

The boot we had to view was in Grey/Navy which is the only colour it comes in. The side features a blue background with grey stripes which add a little colour to the side of your boot.

For me, tightened up they are a good fit around the ankle and upper foot with a bit of room in the toe. As mentioned they are lightweight and when you have them on it doesn’t feel like you have walking boots on, and surly that will help on those longer walks.

Testing out on a walk in the Peaks in light rain resulted in no moisture getting into the boots, the tread worked well on slippy rocks and when scrambling up loose ground. The hardened toe cap comes in use when I bashed my foot a few times. With having slightly weak ankles being able to tie the laces tight around my ankle helped to provide additional support and glad to report no twisted ankles.

The Brasher Kiso GTX Mens Hiking Boots retail at £105, but you should be able to find a pair for under £100.