Brasher Inca Womens Sandal


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Product Description

The Brasher Inca Women’s Sandal is a classic leather sandal designed for walking in the terrains or for everyday casual use in the summer. It has soles which are rugged enough to handle a long day of exploring, and offers shock absorption which helps to reduce foot fatigue on hard or uneven terrain. The Brasher Inca Women’s Sandal¬†as a whole is versatile, lightweight and comfortable to wear during walks.

The upper part of the Brasher Inca Women’s Sandal is made from full grain leather. The design and construction of the sandal has eliminated unnecessary weight ¬†ensuring that the sandal is lightweight (weighing 600 grams) but at the same time, provides the necessary support and protection that your foot needs during long walks.

Other features of the Brasher Inca Womens Sandal include an adjustable Velcro strap to improve the fit and a memory foam footbed to provide great comfort on the bottom of the foot.