Brasher Hillmaster Mens Sock


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Product Description

The other sock we received was the Brasher Hillmaster Mens Sock, a sock designed for three seasons it’s great for when it’s warmer rather than really cold temperatures.

Due to it being used in warmer times there’s a few design features which aim to keep your foot cool. The most prominent being the large ventilation panel on the top. From the close up picture of the sock over on the left you’ll see that the top of the sock (the top of your foot) has a thinner area of  material which allows heat and sweat to escape. You’ll notice from the picture you can see my skin through the panel its so thin, yet despite its thiness it doesn’t feel like a hole would develop in the area.

Each sock is designed for a specific foot, so there’s a left and a right label stitched into the toe.  As mentioned they are slightly thinner than your average walking sock which means they would be great for jogging, the gym or any other activites where you are wearing trainers so not just for use with walking boots. You could even wear them around the house as they don’t feel too thick which would result in having sweaty feet.

Interestingly if you’re a fan of having your socks pulled up, the cuff around the top is designed to stop it from moving round or slipping down. However with shorts it’s not a great look so push them down and they’ll stay down.

For men there’s two colours Charcoal/Orange (as seen in the pictures) or Navy/Light Blue and it’s £15 per pair.