Brasher Fellmaster Socks


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Product Description

After testing out the Brasher Trekmaster walking socks, I’ve switched to a less warmer pair – the 3 season Brasher Fellmaster walking sock. Both socks are part of Brasher’s autumn/winter 2012 collection along with the Brasher Mountain Master and Brasher Hillmaster models.

The Brasher Fellmaster walking socks are much more suited for a warm autumn day. Similar to the Trekmaster model, they also have a ribbed construction which means that when they are on your feet, the material is stretched so that the material splits into ribs with a tiny white netting underneath for increased ventilation – these Brasher designers are bright! The ribbed construction on the Fellmaster version is much more noticeable than on the Trekmaster just because the material of the sock is not as thick. And because of this, the ventilation feature was must more noticeable too. We like this feature very much!!

Made from 59% Coolmax fibres, the Brasher Fellmaster socks have moisture wicking properties. This, coupled with the rib construction, means that the socks offer great temperature regulation properties which increases the comfort level. The remaining fibre mix is composed of 25% merino wool, 14% polyamide and 2% Lycra which provides an overall softness. In your hand, they are noticeably softer and have a smoother texture compared with the Trekmaster model which has a slightly rougher feel to it.

Similar to the other models in the collection, the Brasher Fellmaster walking socks have high density padding at the bottom of the socks for increased comfort and protection. However, this has only been focused on the main body of the sock. The upper part of the sock is a lot thinner and not so tightly knitted so that when it is stretched, you can see holes in between the weave. This is the part that stretches the most during the motion of putting a sock on, and I felt that these holes could gradually become bigger after prolonged use though at the moment they spring back to its original place when stretched.

Whilst testing these socks out, they were really comfortable to wear and the ribbed construction really helped to provide my feet with extra ventilation. These are great year-round socks, especially if you’re just walking or hiking in England but if you’re heading somewhere much colder, we would recommend going for a 4 season model like the Brasher Trekmaster socks. But overall, I think I may prefer the Fellmaster version for year round use.